Premium Holographic Glitter / Flake

Holographic Glitter / Flake is a very high quality premium grade of Holographic glitter flake, precision Laser cut from metallized polyester film. It is brilliant in colour, light fast, water and solvent resistant.

Each colour will exhibit 1 main colour based on your selection and then burst into a full rainbow of colours as the light passes over it or you move around it.

Holographic Glitter / Flake have the following properties:-

·        Good Hiding Power

·        Excellent Chemical Resistance

·        Excellent Light Fastness

·        Excellent Physical Stability

·        Laser Holographic Effect

·        Unrivalled Sparkle


Holographic Glitter / Flake can be used in the following applications:-

·        Coatings including Spray Paints and removable Coatings

·        Cosmetics

·        Graphic Arts

·        Plastics

·        Industry

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