Ultrashift Chameleon Pigments

Ultrashift Chameleon Pigments are the very latest in colour shifting pigments, using the newest technology and the highest quality materials available ensures that our range of Ultrashift pigments are the best available anywhere in the world.

They exhibit extreme and vivid colour shifts often going through 5 or more colour changes along with more subtle tonal changes with every angle looking different.

Ultrashift pigments can often be found in various industries from automotive coatings right through to colour changing chrome nail polish and eye shadow. 

Ultrashift pigments when used with automotive coatings should be mixed at a minimum of 7g per litre of pre-thinned basecoat binder

Ultrashift Chameleon Pigments have the following properties:-

Extreme and Vivid colour changes

Excellent Hiding Power

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Excellent Light Fastness

Excellent Physical Stability

Ultrashift Chameleon Pigments can be used in the following applications:-

Coatings including Spray Paints and removable Coatings


Graphic Arts



Active filters