Metallic Effect Pigments

Metallic Effect Pigments are a range of Metallic Pigments that can be used in various applications to recreate the tones of certain metals such as aged and patina Copper.  Choose from our range of colours to create the effects your looing to achieve or intermix them to create a unique pallet. Different tones can also be achieved by controlling the thickness if your application.

Metallic Effect Pigments are made from Mica flakes coated in Ferric Oxide which have the following properties:-

·        Strong Hiding Power

·        Excellent Chemical Resistance

·        Excellent Light Fastness

·        Excellent Physical Stability and Abrasion Resistance

·        Metallic Effect


Metallic Effect Pigments can be used in the following applications:-

·        Coatings including Spray Paints and Peelable Coatings

·        Cosmetics and Personal Care

·        Graphic Arts

·        Plastics

·        Industry

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