Iridescent Pearl Pigment Powder - Pearl Sparkle Green

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Perfect Pearls And Pigments Iridescent or Interference pearls as they can be known are available in a variety of colours and in 3 main particle sizes: Satin Pearls 5-25 micron :- This is our finest particle size and is the traditional pearl finish you see on everything from cars, plastics in the home and in cosmetics/makeup - it offers a very fine colour shift when viewed at certain angles and will totally disappear at others showing whatever base colour used. Shimmer Pearls 10-60 microns :- Shimmer Pearls offer the middle ground of the 3 pearls giving more sparkle than our Satin pearls whilst still giving a nice colour shift at certain viewing angles and will again totally disappear at others. Sparkle Pearls 10-100 microns :- Sparkle Pearls like the name suggests offer the brightest and have the most sparkle of the 3 pearl pigments giving a very fine pearl glitter like effect. Sparkle pearls whilst still giving a colour shift, it will not be as great as Satin or Simmer Pearls. Our Iridescent pearls made of tiny transparent mica particles micro-encapsulated in titanium dioxide and will provide a solid colour over Black, and an iridescent reflection over other colors such as White. Used over a Black base you can create a Midnight pearl effect where the object will take on the full colour of the pearl at certain angles. Perfect Pearls And Pigment Pearls are extremely versatile and can used in any clear paint, automotive paint, Plasti Dip, gelcoat, powder coat, cosmetics, nail art etc. It can also be used in your faux finish glaze inside your home, screen printing or in concrete and tile sealer, arts and crafts and essentially anywhere you might want to use our pearls pigments for decorative effects. Our Pearl powders are extremely durable as there are no color pigments to fade! and will withstand temperatures up to 900 C and can be applied over any colour to create truly endless possibilities. 1 x 25g bag can treat up to 5 litres of clear medium depending on the effect you want to achieve. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on 01206 890176 Many thanks

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